Welcome to the miraculously clear Niyodo River!

An Introduction to Niyodo River

The Niyodo River, which flows through Japan's island of Shikoku, is famous for its incomparable water quality and clarity.

The 124-km river's headwaters form near Ehime Prefecture's Mt. Ishizuchi, (Western Japan's highest peak at 1,982 m) and run through the mid-west of Kochi Prefecture, flowing into the Pacific Ocean. The Niyodo River is one of three major rivers in Shikoku, which also include Shimanto River and Yoshino River.

In 2010 and 2012, the Niyodo River was rated number one among all major rivers in Japan for its outstanding water quality, and thus has attracted a reputation as the clearest and purist river in all Japan.

It is called a “miraculous river” as its crystal-clear waters are maintained from the source all the way down to the mouth of the river, despite having a population of more than a hundred thousand in its watershed. If the season and weather permit, you may encounter sparkling clear blue water called “Niyodo blue” found upstream.

Furthermore, since long ago people have been enjoying fishing, camping, and outings to the riverside, as well as activities like canoeing and rafting. This has consistently made it one of Japan's most popular waterfronts.

Attractions around Niyodo River

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